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July 28, 2006


Scott Ahlsmith CTC

Great post, Colin. I'll create a link on my blog and send you a TrackBack later today.

In my opinion, your post eptomizes the essence of blogging. You shared subject matter expertise (guitars and traveling) and gave us a glimspe of the personal side of Colin (Christmas 2005 & your upcoming Gulet Cruise).

I've learned a great deal about successful blogging from another Brit, Thomas Mahon, and his blog (englishcut.com). I've learned about the art of custom tailoring and about Tom's approach to his craft. I've also learned about Tom; his classic MG; his assistant, Lucy; and London taxi drivers.

Oh and I've read that Tom's blog has created a five-fold increase in his custom-tailoring business over the past 18 months!

So, how about an MP3 so we can compare the difference between the Baby Taylor and Takamini?


Thanks for your kind comments, Scott, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Like you, I am a great fan of Thomas Mahon and his English Cut Blog and could well imagine how his blog has had such an impact on his business.

Until recently I was a consultant to the UK's largest and most successful travel homeworking company and on every possible occasion encouraged homeworkers to begin blogging as a way to help develop their related businesses. Often the advice fell on deaf ears, but I hope one or two will have taken my advice on board.

I know that you heavily champion the use of Blogs in your own Travel Industry role.

Your encouragement means a lot to me especially as your own blog has been an inspiration.

I would be very grateful for the link and Trackback.

My next trick?...recording the MP3 to show the differences between the two guitars!! Thanks for the idea. It'll probably drive me crazy over the next few days!!

Take care, Colin (aka "The Exclamation Mark Kid").

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